URL : pgportal.gov.in
CPGRAMS : The Objectives of CPGRAMS are to enable
 . Online Registration of grievances by citizens
 . Online forwarding by the nodal Public Grievance Officers
 . Monitoring the grievance redress process
 Goal Achieved: Efficient & Speedy redress of public grievances
CPGRAMS : The interfaces
•The Public Grievance Redress portal has the following interfaces for
–Citizen to lodge/monitor grievances
–DARPG(the nodal Agency) / Apex Organizations to Monitor the redress action of the public grievances
–Ministries & Departments to manage the Grievances and send ATRs through CPGRAMS
Highlights of CPGRAMS…
 Online Receipt of grievances forwarded by Nodal agencies
 Online receipt of grievances by Ministry/Department lodged through Internet by citizens.
 Lodging of grievances in the system received locally in respective offices of Ministry/Department/ Organization.
 Online Forwarding of grievances to subordinate organizations.
 Various Monitoring reports at all levels.
 E-mail & SMS alert to the citizens as soon as a complaint is lodged.
 SMS Alerts to citizens and nodal officers at different stages
 Attachment of documents while lodging the grievance
 Attachment of ATR while sending the ATR to the higher authority.
 Citizen can view the status at any point of time.
Implementation : It has been implemented in Govt. of Puducherry. The Deputy Secretary of (ARW) is the State Nodal Officer for CPGRAMS. The department officials have been provided training.

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K. Mohan, PSA

NIC, Puducherry UT Unit
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