Finance portal for Puducherry Government


Finance Portal for Puducherry Govt

Finance Portal

Proper utilization of funds allotted is the primary responsibility of any Government Department. This is possible only when the timely information is available to the concerned authorities as and when required for the efficient management of funds within or among the Departments.

The main objective of finance portal is to maintain the details of all the activities pertaining to outlay and expenditures of Government Departments. Day to day analysis of the user departments with respect to outlay vs. expenditure (scheme wise and sector wise etc..)

The functionalities and work flow of the Puducherry Finance Portal can be broadly classified in to the following

 Budget Preparation, Modifications and Revised Estimates
 Coding of Schemes and Sectors by Department of Planning and Research
 Sub Division wise fund allotment for the Public Works Department
 Data Upload from DAT/DDATs
 Data transactions by LoC, Flagship and Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS)
 Analytical Reports and Graphical analysis of data

Three major departments viz., Budget, Planning and Research and Accounts and Treasuries are providing the basic details to show Outlay Vs Expenditure Growth.

• The Outlying regions are directly uploading the expenditure details from their offices.
• Developed as a Management Information System for Online Expenditure and now envisaged as a Portal for Puducherry Finance integrating all the departments.
• Data is shown in various profiles like Sector wise, Scheme wise, Department wise, Demand wise, Major Head wise, Object head wise etc.
• LOC Projects like PWD are integrated with the system to show online expenditure on works.
• Generates all the necessary reports for Plan review meetings, monthly reports, and the customized reports required for departments.
• Integration of data with Photographs, Maps and Publications for showing Physical Achievements.

Contact Details

Sh V. Gopi Swaminathan, Technical Director

NIC, A Block, 4th Floor, Chief Secretariat, Puducherry