NADRS ( National Animal Disease Reporting System )



Description:The National Animal Disease Reporting System (NADRS) facilitates to record and monitor livestock disease situation in the country with a view to initiate preventive and curative action in a timely and speedy manner.

• To improve operational efficiency of the department
• To provide instant alerts to all the concerned about animal disease outbreaks, remedial measures etc.
• To prevent revenue losses by better management of animal health
• To disseminate information related to animal diseases to all the stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner
• To have an integrated scheme monitoring system for better decision support
• To systematize the existing record keeping procedure
Implementation status :There are 11 nodes in Puducherry region from where animal diseases are reported. All the Veterinarians working in Animal Husbandry department were trained to use the application.

Contact Details

Shri. P. Sridharan , PSA, NIC, Puducherry

NIC, Puducherry UT Unit
A-Block, 4th Floor
Chief Secretariat Complex