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CollabLand is a software for digitization and mosaicing of survey maps for computerization of Land Records. It can handle a variety of survey systems, extending from the conventional Chain and Theodolite method to the modern Electronic Total Station (ETS) system. CollabLand can generate maps of individual Land Parcels to traverse and Mosaic maps, surveyed in a host of units of measurement. Besides, it can import maps existing in Shape files, and few other proprietary formats.

The software has a series of data-entry tables where the users can enter or import the survey data. With the data fully in place, the map can be generated with a single mouse click. CollabLand has a host of easy-to-use modification & beautification features and un-matched facility for detailing and annotation including local languages. The mutation and workflow mechanism of the software has a three-tier hierarchy to handle day-to-day land transactions. The Mosaicing module of CollabLand can generate village maps with(out) Traverse data by merely Selecting the village name. Facility exists for beautification of the maps with different color/fill patterns. The software can export these maps into various formats (like Shape files) for the use of GIS applications.

CollabLand follows a database based approach, thereby ensuring access to maps from anywhere at any time. This further facilitates integration of the cadastral maps with legacy applications for ownership (non-spatial) information. The software cost would be negligible, especially in the scenario of a large scale roll-out requiring lots of installations. CollabLand is currently being used by states like Tamilnadu, Kerala, Puducherry, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

Why CollabLand?

  • Single software for all survey systems and needs
  • Facility to integrate with software for non-spatial data
  • Handles day-to-day transactions like sub-division of maps
  • Providing citizen service for viewing / printing of Maps
  • Database approach: Maps accessible anytime / anywhere
  • Platform independent: Works in Windows and Linux
  • Negligible cost due to use of open-source technologies
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