ScbPDS for Puducherry


ScbPDS for Puducherry

The Project involves introduction of Smart Cards at various stages involved in commodities delivery and distribution as part of Targeted Public Distribution System, transfer of stocks of commodities from Delivery Agencies Smart Cards to Fair Price Shop owners Smart Card and delivery of commodities to beneficiaries by their FPS owner on biometric authentication. No physical transaction takes place without smart cards. Smart cards being used are SCOSTA compliant and KMS generated cards. Smart Ration Cards with beneficiaries carry standard family details along with biometrics of two fingers each of 2 family members. Any of the two family members will be allowed to lift the commodities. The project has been linked with AADHAAR numbers of UIDAI. The biometrics being captured as part of UIDAI enrollments are being used in SCbPDS.

As part of the strategy adopted, bogus ration cards were being deleted using AADHAAR numbers in the database leads to the identification of genuine beneficiaries. With the introduction of Smart Cards in TPDS, we achieved

1. Elimination of Bogus rations cards through de-duplication process.
2. Commodities are delivered only to those for whom they are meant through biometric authentication.
3. Subsidy burden on the exchequer is reduced.
4. As the back-end application software is web-enabled, total transparency is maintained across many stake holders.

Contact Details

V. Gopi Swaminathan

NIC, A Block, 4th Floor, Chief Secretariat, Puducherry