Aadhar based land Records - Pilot project at Jind


Aadhar based land Records - Pilot project at Jind

The Project envisages development of a modern,comprehensive and transparent Land Records Management System on pilot basis. The project will be based upon the concept of linkage of Person-Parcel-Pixel and same will be replicated in districts of Haryana.The authentication of the land owner will be through linkage of land record with Unique Identification Number (Aadhaar) which will ensure the conclusive evidence about the title of a particular person on the parcel of land. To conceptualize the linking the Land Records with Aadhaar, meetings were held under the chairmanship of Secretary DOLR at New Delhi on 11th Sept 2015 and Jind district was selected as pilot district for aadhar enabled land records project.
Technical steps taken for the implementation of the project are as follows:
1. Designing and development of the Report format for survey and provision for printing the report in the Haryana Land Records System (HALRIS) software.
2. Development of web based software for Aadhaar Linking with Land Records and designing of the required checklists and summary reports.
3. Development of Aadhaar Linked Land Record Authentication Software (for 32bit & 64 bit machines)
4. Making provision of locking of khewats in the designed application where owners are not properly identifiable.
5. Development of Aadhaar Enabled Property Registration System (UID#HARIS)
Administrative measures taken for the implementation of the project are as follows:
I. Constitution of the sub group for reviewing the progress and implementation of the project headed by Joint Secretary (Land Records), DoLR with other officers.
II. Appointment of the nodal officer for monitoring the progress at the district level, Sub-Division Level and tehsil level.
III. Constitution of the team comprising of Patwaris, Anganwari Workers, BLOs, Village Numberdars and VLE of the Concerned CSC cluster, for collecting Aadhaar data of land owners in the given format.
IV. Seeding of the collected data in Web Based Aadhaar Linking Software initially at the Tehsil level and after successful test of the project this exercise will be conducted at the village level itself.
V. Verification & Authentication of seeded data in jalsa-e-aam at village level wherein the biometric thumb/finger/iris were captured and authenticated through UIDAI server.
VI. Setting up of Permanent Aadhaar Enrolment, Aadhaar Seeding and Authentication counters at Tehsil centre.
On the basis of the decisions taken during the meeting held on 11th Sept 2015, the work was started in 8 villages(Bishanpura, Haibatpur, Kishanpura, BrahKalan, Biroli from Jind tehsil, Shamdo from Alewa, Lijwanakalan from Julana and Jaipur from Safidon tehsil) selected for the pilot for proof of concept.
Implementation Status
• Aadhar seeding completed in 56 villages and survey is going on in 54 villages.
• Aadhar enabled property registration system implemented at Jind Tehsil and 986 deeds have been registered using the UID authentication.
The most important outcome of the project is to identify unique land owners verified through Aadhaar eco system and it would be a stepping stone towards Person-Parcel-Pixel linkage.
G2G Impact
• Land Reforms: Benami, illegal registration,impersonation will be avoided
• Persons who had obtained BPL cards with fraudulent means by concealing the material fact about the land can be identified in future.
• Banks can be integrated for checking of the loan on the same piece of land. Thus fraud/malpractices in the loaning can be avoided and the recovery can be boosted up attaching the property held elsewhere.
• Data mining will be possible on the basis of Aadhaar database parameters for framing of the policy.
• Requirement of witnesses can be exempted for Aadhaar authenticated registration.
G2C Impact
• Aadhaar based biometric authentication ensures that only true owner will be able to make transactions on the land holding.
• Generally Public don’t know the Khasra and Khewat numbers of their land, this system will facilitate them for sms/web based information availability registered with their Aadhaar number.
• Except Aadhaar number, no separate Proof of Address (PoA) & Proof of Identity (PoI) is required by the parties to establish their identity and authenticity.
Following additional benefits are being made available to the public during public meetings at village level being organized to authenticate the Aadhar numbers:
•Digital Locker account can be created
•Linkage of mobile number with Aadhaar (if not done so far)
•New Aadhaar Enrolment can be done for left-out persons.
•Demographic & Bio metric updation (if required) can be facilitated.

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