The Directorate of Internal Audit conducts regular internal audit (IR) of the state government DDOs. The Application provides a common platform to the Audit Officers, DDOs and monitoring officials in different administrative layers of the state government to conform to the Delegation of Financial Procedures and Rules of Tripura. The Web-based Application provides for the following main features: a. Managing Offices (Department-wise hierarchy of offices). b. Managing Rules (grouped as Rule Groups). c. Managing Audit Internal Report as entering of the POS issued by the Audit Officers to the DDOs. The POS are entered as Part-1 (General Observations), Part -II (A) [Serious financial irregularities], Part-II (B) [General financial irregularities] and Part III (general observations). The POS entered as Audit Paras, are grouped into Part [1 to III], and mapped onto a Rule Group and related Rules, along with suitable recommendations. The IR printed from the system is signed, scanned and uploaded into the system. Managing Compliance as the DDOs reply on Audit Paras, which are scanned and uploaded into the system. The Audit Directorate drops/ sustains Paras based on the DDOs Reply. Useful MIS Reports on Audit scheduling, Recurrence of Rules violated, DDOs frequently violating Rules and different statutory Reports

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Shri C. K. Dhar
National Informatics Centre 3rd Floor, Bay-4, New Secretariat,Agartala, Tripura-799006 sio-trpr[at]nic[dot]in