BHOOMI for Revenue Department


BHOOMI - the land records management system is the first e-Governance project successfully implemented for the benefits of the common man, jointly by the Government of Karnataka & NIC Karnataka. It has been providing service to more than 70 lakh farmers of Karnataka since the last five years. BHOOMI has become the model for replication in many other States. It has received wide spread recognition from the public and also won the international award, Silver of CAPAM 2002. Salient features are Kiosk setup in each taluk to issue the land records documents to public on demand, Finger print (Bio-metrics) authentication to ensure fool proof system, PKI enabled BHOOMI & integration with Sub-Registrar's data, Mutation requests processed on First-in First-out Basis.

Integrated Mutation Process (IMP) is process wherein the transactions result in partition of land will under go podi transaction along with regular sale or inheritance transaction. The result would be updation of textual and spatial data simultaneously. In the absence of IMP average delay in podi after partition of land on the textual data was approximately 20-25 years. The spatial data, which depicts the ground reality, was never in sync with the textual data. Karnataka Government has brought amendment to Karnataka Land Revenue Act making pre-mutation sketch compulsory for all the transactions. BHOOMI software has been enhanced to capture the details of pre-mutation sketch and surveyor has been introduced in the mutation process to ensure that proper podi takes place simultaneously along the any other type of transaction. Pre-mutation sketch would be used for podi and surveyor need not go to field once again for any type of measurement. Lot of changes has been carried out in software to change the workflow of request, scan the sketches, to facilitate simultaneous transaction on same land parcels after changing first one to normal transaction and subsequent one as integrated mutation taking care of podi activity of previous transaction also.

A Computerized land acquisition system with tight integration with BHOOMI
- Land acquisition is the process wherein agricultural and/or non agricultural lands are acquired by government for various activities such as village/town extension, roads, culverts, reservoirs, canals, military camps, railways, industries etc., The purpose of this project is to develop a system to automate the process Land acquisition in the revenue department and integrate the same with BHOOMI. There are 54 regular land acquisition offices, there are some special Land acquisition offices created for a projects and agencies such as Industrial development board, National Highways etc., Proposed system would get integrated with BHOOMI (Computerized Land Records System). Activities of land acquisition would be reflected on the land records with the help digitally signed XML data exchange between two systems.

BHOOSWADEENA system would :

  • Facilitating LAO in generating 4(1) notification, which is digitally signed.
  • Facilitating LAO for generating de-notification, which is digitally signed.
  • Facilitating LAO for generating draft 6(1) notification.
  • Facilitating dissemination of these notifications through WEB for information sake and digitally signed and bar coded notification to citizen through village telecentres / Bangalore-one centers at price fixed by Government.
  • Facilitating the concern authority in Government to digitally sign the 6(1) notification and dissemination of the same.
  • Facilitating LAO to submit court stay or vacation of stay on notification or de-notification thereby effecting the similar changes in BHOOMI database to avoid in-convenience caused to the public.
  • Facilitating automatic initiation of transaction for transferring lands acquired to acquiring body after 16(2) notification.

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State Informatics Officer , 7th Floor, Mini Tower, Bangalore-1
Phone:080-22863218 ,080-22863382