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Objective/Description : Bhulekh is the name of the s/w for Land Records website of Odisha state. Government of India focus on the safeguarding of land property of public. Most of the times the lands of weaker sections are being grabbed forcefully or illegally by others. The tenant has very little scope to know about his/her rights. In such situations lot of legal cases are filed in civil courts. Ultimately, the responsibility of government increases and the common man is harassed. To sort out all these problems, government decides to implement a system for maintaining transparency in the system and finding a solution to resolve the conflicts in minimum time.

Implementation Status : Government of Odisha started this project during nineties and hosted a website called as “Bhulekh” in 2004 for public view of land records.

Citizens can view their Record of Rights on the web from anywhere at anytime. Bhulekh has the provision of intelligent searching facility either by supplying Khata no. or Plot No. or Tenant Name. It provides the status of the land to the buyers before making any transaction on the lands within the state of Odisha. Citizen can get certified copy of RoR from the Tehsil office. It also helps the public by making quick references by the Tehsil officials for issuing Caste certificate, Residential/Nativity certificates etc. It also saves time. The weaker sections and low literate people can easily access the website as it is in Odia language. Builders, Scholars and Researchers get the benefit from Bhulekh database for doing different statistical analysis and hypothesis testing. The On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) of Bhulekh is a good tool for the above mentioned stake holders. Helps financial institutions to ascertain the ownership, land type and area of land for sanctioning loan to the tenants for different purposes. Helps government to locate/identify land for industrialization/social projects. This service makes the Land Acquisition process simpler. The analytical facility of Bhulekh database helps the government for taking citizen oriented strategic decisions. This Land Governance protects the weaker sections such as single woman, tribals and other socially and economically backward citizens of Odisha. It helps the government to protect the Government lands like ‘Patita’, ‘Rakshit’, ‘Sarbasadharana’ etc. from the land grabbers. These lands can be better utilized by the govt for benefit of the society. Presently, the base data of Bhulekh helps the Government for Hi-Tech survey also. In an average 1500 hits are done to this website by the different stake holders in a single day. The Govt earns approximately Rs. 7.29 crores annually as user fee through Bhulekh s/w. The digitized Cadastral maps of 51,577 villages are presently made available on the web for public view. The paper maps which get damaged due to aging factor are now stored in soft digitized format and the retrieval of those maps is easy. The citizen can take printout of the village maps for their references. While viewing RoR one can view or print plot maps available in the concerned RoR. If a single user has multiple plots in a village then Bhunaksha can easily track those plots with colour shadings. It helps the town planning authorities for better planning by easily referring to the mouza maps. The Buyers and Sellers can refer the BhuNaksha website for land transactions. It helps the government for various decision making purposes.

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