Birth and Death Information System



Description:Civil Registration System (CRS) is a continuous, permanent, compulsory recording of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events like birth, death, marriage etc., in accordance with the legal requirements of a country. Any birth or death which occurs in the Union territory of Puducherry will have to be registered in the office of the registrar of births and deaths, situated in the respective municipalities or communes. To accomplish this NIC Puducherry has developed the Birth and Death information System(BDIS) for Local Administration department

Objectives: The BDIS has a three fold objectives
• Legal & Protective uses for individuals
1. Birth certificate provides legal proof of place of birth and date of birth
2. Death certificate required for settlement of inheritance, insurance claims etc.
3. Have evidentiary value under Indian Evidence Act, 1872
• Administrativeuses
1. BDIS database is a legal register of locality wise birth and deaths
2. Main source of information on mortality, causes of death, to facilitate health planning etc.
• Statistical uses
1. Source of demographic data for socio-economic planning, development of health systems and population control
2. Data on fertility and mortality is essential in understanding the trends in population growth and is used for population projections
Implementation status :There are 15local bodies in Puducherry region from where birth and death registration are being done through BDIS application. The birth and death certificates are issued to the public on demand from the 15 local bodies.The birth and death certificates authenticated by DSC tokens are also issued through common service centres.

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Shri. P. Sridharan, PSA

NIC, Puducherry UT Unit
Chief Secretariat