Budget Estimation, Allocation and Monitoring System


BEMS Training


Objective: 1. Control over Allocation of Funds and Expenditure
2. Real time monitoring of expenditure.

Description of project.

Budget Estimation, Allocation & Monitoring System (BEAMS) is an online computerized system to distribute the budget and to authorize expenditure. As soon as the budget is released, the departments can allocate funds to their field officers through this system. All the expenditure is thereafter not only checked for budget availability before the bills can be submitted, but also the monthly cash flows are controlled against pre determined targets. This system permits the re-appropriation of funds within the prescribed limits and allows withdrawal/surrender of budget grants. The expenditure monitoring system now gives proposed expenditure data to the Government on a real time basis

Implementation Status :
Implemented from October 2016 for entire Puducherry UT and is being used by all 56 Departments and around 649 DDOs.

Outcome/Impact :

Finance Department can control the expenditure by rules provided in the system, creates awareness and discipline in expenditure booking.

As on date one can monitor the expenditure with Yearly Grant, Total Expenditure including the current bill and balance is printed on Authorization slip is generated by the system while booking the expenditure.

MIS reports are available in the system for various levels of users viz. Demand wise expenditure, Department wise expenditure, Object Head wise expenditure and BCR etc.

Contact Details

Sh. Sivanandham, Technical Director, NIC, Puducherry.

National Informatics Centre,
4th Floor, Chief Secretariat,
Pin -605001.