Call Analysis and Tracking System


Tracking and analysis of Phone calls especially Mobile Phone calls of suspect’s plays an important role in investigation of crime and in tracking and detection of suspects/criminals. In order to track and contain the suspects/criminal, police department required to analyze Call Detail Report (CDR) of the suspect’s received in varied formats from the service providers. As such availability of relevant and timely information is of utmost importance in conduct of such activities by the police department. As per the requirement of the department, a computerized system, Call Analysis and Tracking System (CATs) for Assam Police, has been devised by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Assam State Centre for improving analysis and tracking process in the area of investigation and detection for quick and timely retrieval, analysis, tracking and sharing of information based on CDR. The CATs is completely developed using Open Source Stack i.e. PHP technology with MySQL as RDBMS and Apache as Application Server to maintain portability to any platform with minimum effort. The system is developed with a primary objective to help the Assam Police to track and monitor the usages of mobile phone by any criminal based on the Call Detail Report (CDR) received from the mobile service providers. CATs is a comprehensive and flexible phone call tracking system. It provides an integrated solution for mobile phone call analysis and tracking with: Conversion of Subscriber, Tower and CDR data from the excel format to CSV format for facilitating imports and export of data in a common format. Creation of Unified data directory with the details received from all the service providers in varied formats. XML based information exchange for interpretability with Google Maps. The system is very user friendly and can be operated by any user with basic knowledge of computer. Call tracking facilitate: What number has called The Tower location of a caller The time distribution of incoming/outgoing/SMS calls Main features of the system are: Creation of unified Mobile Subscriber’s directory with the details received from all the service providers in varied formats. Creation of unified mobile Tower’s directory of the service providers with the details received from all the service providers in varied formats. Importing CDRs of varied formats received from the service providers to a Common CDR format. Maintenance of suspected mobile phone numbers and IMEI numbers for further mapping during analysis. Tracking of relative position of the mobile users with the help of tower location mapping using Google map. Generation of dynamic reports based on time and date criterion. Graphical report on Call Frequencies. Other statistical reports. Comparison of any given suspect’s CDR with another CDR. CDR archiving for future uses. Benefit accrued Help the police department to Respond and to take immediate corrective action by tracking and analyzing the suspect’s mobile call in real time. Monitor the movement of the suspects by mapping the tower location. Make assessment on the movement of the suspects by analyzing the CDR with date and time. Instant identification of possible contacts of the suspect with the other potential suspects (maintained in suspect list) either on the basis of the Mobile Number or the IMEI number. There are approximately 256 lakhs subscribers and 41 thousands tower locations records available in CATs database and utilized for CDR analysis and tracking. It has been rolled out in all 27 districts in Assam.

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Devajit Bhattacharyya
NIC, Assam State Centre, Old Gana Sewa Bhawan Secretariat Complex Guwahati-781006 devajit[at]nic[dot]in