Centralized File Movement and Tracking Information System(CeFMaTIS ) - 2.0


To speed up the file movement in the departments and to know the up-to-date status of the files, the Centralized File Movement and Tracking Information System (CeFMaTIS) has been designed. The status of the file can be known instantly as well as one can know the tracking of the file i.e. when it was received by a officer/official and when he has cleared this file. Now no officer/official can say that file has not reached to him, if he has got the file. It is same as manual system. The Centralized File Movement and Tracking Information System (CeFMaTIS) is implemented in more than 25 departments/offices of Haryana State. all the branches of Haryana Civil Secretariat. More than 2000 references received and dispatched from various offices daily. With the implementation of CeFMaTIS, movement and tracking of more than 15, 00,000 references have been monitored using this software since 1st January 2009. Now tracing any PUC is just a click away. Main departments using the system are Haryana Government like Chief Minister office, Chief Secretary , PWD(B&R), Public Health, Police, Finance Haryana etc.. The system has also integrated with Files record keeping.

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