Contributory Pension Fund Management (CPFM)


An ICT Tool for Effective Management of New Defined Contributory Pension Scheme in Pay & Accounts Offices and Principal Accounts Offices of Government of India for the new employees joining on or after 1st January 2004.

NIC has developed another software project for PAO and Pr.A.O. offices of Government of India and CPFM in consultation with the Office of CGA, to align Information Technology tools with business processes of the New Defined Contributory Pension Scheme which is being implemented by the Government of India for all the fresh employees who joined Government Service on or after 1st January 2004. This project will bring efficiency in various processes to be performed at PAO and Pr AO offices for capturing, consolidating and transmitting the data to the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA).

For all such new employees, the existing pensionary benefits and General Provident Fund has been dispensed with. These employees will now compulsorily have to contribute a portion of their salary [currently 10% of (Basic+DP+NPA+DA)], each month, towards their pension fund and the Government in turn will put in a matching amount to the contributory fund. The Government proposes to invest these pension funds through Fund Managers and pensionary benefits of such employees will be provided from these pension funds. Each employee will have a unique 16 digit account [the Permanent Pension Account Number (PPAN)] in the pension fund which will be used to manage his pension account.

The first version of the software was released on 28/01/2004 after conducting a workshop for all the Pr. AO offices in Delhi. Version 2.0 of the software was released on 14/02/2005 after taking into account all additional functional requirements of the scheme.

Contact Details

Sh. Zail Singh, Scientist-G

National Informatics Centre
AA2B4, 3rd Floor
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road New Delhi-110 003.