Court Cases Monitoring System


Court Case Monitoring System (CCMS) is a web based application for monitoring of all the on going court cases for various departments and sub-departments of Chandigarh Administration i.e. starting with the entry of a new court case to recording down all proceedings and maintaining the history of each and every case. It generates a list of pending cases till particular date so that officers can easily refer to the list and pursue the case accordingly.

This application is also accessible through the Intranet Portal only and is being used by all the departments of Chandigarh Administration. The departments are either connected through building LAN or are part of the Chandigarh SWAN, which is fully operational. Remaining departments connect through Broadband to access this application. Access is based on user login, assigned role and the IP address generating the request, thus making it safe and secure. The master files for the application are common to various other applications thus giving consistency to the implementation. There are different sets of roles for users and depending upon the role of user the different option of menu will be enabled for the logged in user.

  • Secretaries -Can view all cases for his department .
  • Head of Departments ? Can add/edit all cases for his department and sub-departments.
  • Dealing Hand ? Can Add/Edit all cases for the sub-department .

The CCMS application has its own mail feature for its users. For cases of contempt, its information is sent to concerned contempt authority via mail regarding the contempt of this case through CCMS mail and a copy of mail will be sent to user's mail account, which is frequently accessed by him/her.

Impact of the project

At a click of button complete case summary for a particular department or multiple departments is available and the details of particular like case history or current status, can further be viewed. Feature of alert mail makes it very convenient for the users as the whole process is strictly time bound. An efficient facility of user role management is very helpful for the head of the department as it consolidates information pertaining to various departments under him. Facility to analyse performance of counsel is also there alongwith number of reporting options.


Contact Details

Ajay Rampal

National Informatics Center 19
2nd Floor, Estate Office Building Sector 17, Chandigarh