CPMS for Department of Tribal Development, Government of Gujarat


Tribal Development Department is doing many projects in the tribal areas for tribal people’s upbringing, empowerment and over all development through many agencies. D-SAG is an autonomous body which designs and implements many such projects. They engaged NIC to create applications to monitor their projects. These applications are termed as Computerised Project Monitoring Systems (CPMS) the system contains the following sub projects. 1 Tribal Census 2008 Query Project & Skill Development & Training Programme: This module contains the Tribal census for skills and livelihood requirement .A query module is developed to cater the requirement of training agencies to create skill training programmes and select potential candidates from this survey. An export data option is also provided to agencies who are engaged in giving employment to ST youths under special government schemes. Skill Development & Training Programme: D-SAG which selects experienced NGOs for conducting training at ITDP talukas. They are allowed to setup trainings and its multiple batches. On successful completion of training some percentage of candidates are to be given placements and their one year handholding details are to be furnished. D-SAG creates the agencies. Agencies create trainings and batches. Then candidates are selected from the Tribal Census. If it is a new candidate their details are to be entered in the same format of tribal census form and unique form no is generated. After the verification of these new forms by D-SAG they are available for the selection to training batches and the batches progress is monitored. 2 Project Sun Shine & Project Jeevika for Different Sesons – Integrated to Rural SES 2002 data, D-SAG collects a contribution amount and receipt is given to the farmer beneficiary. Against this Crop Seeds, Fertilizer and Pesticides are given. Training is imparted and field monitoring is done. Rain-Fall Insurance is also covered. Application enters the receipt details; items delivery details and generates the required reports for different monitoring. OKRA Project 2009 : In the similar lines of Project Sunshine; here the area of project is Dangs. 3.Integrated Dairy Development Project (IDDP) For economical upbringing, this project helps ST/BPL Beneficiary by procuring cattle and make livelihood by milk collection. This is monitored and implemented by Dairies of that area. Their village collection centre takes the milk produced and pays. A portion of amount is deducted for the loan repayment. Other animal husbandry activities are also monitored. The Village/Block/District Level activities and its expenditure part also monitored. This system due to its implementation faults could not make pace with the actions done at the dairy level. Later the data entry was given to a NGO. That also was not successful to the mismanagement problems inherited from lowest level of implementer. So this project has been put as non-working. Discussion to revamp the same is there but not reached at any final level. 4. Gujarat Pattern and Other Expenditure Monitoring- ISMART: To monitor the plan/non-plan expenditure on various schemes funded by state and central resources. Training is given to respective PA office to implement it. 5 Border Village Census Query Module Query application of survey data is now at the public domain.

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