Delhi Official Directory (DOD)


Delhi Official Directory (DOD) contains names, telephone numbers, email ids and addresses of officers of the rank of Joint Secretary and above in the Central Government. Initially it was published by President’s Secretariat and after 2003 it was transferred to the Department of Personnel and training.   

During the publication of DOD by the private publisher, it has been noticed that the time between the collection of data from various departments and its publication is so long that the information in the DOD used to get outdated, defeating the purpose of it.  

To help resolve the issue, NIC has developed a web based system enabling Ministry/ Department to access their respective part of the DOD using their user authentication and to update the same. The compiled data is made available on Department website (  

Date of Implementation: In use since November, 2010

Contact Details

NIC Computer Centre

NIC Computer Centre; D/o Personnel & Training North Block, New Delhi - 110 001.

(011) 23092776