Online application for centralized plus one seat allocation for higher secondary schools at Mahe.
URL: http://ednmahe.py.gov.in
This application having the following main modules
Application Form – School wise application entry form. We have collected student’s details and marks of qualifying examination from various authorized online resources of education department of Govt. of Kerala and NIC, which enabled the automatic loading and verification of data according to the register number of qualifying examination. This also Calculate the merits and weightages. The entry form provides the facility to add maximum of 12 options for admission in any school and any group. Proper validations applied in all important fields and hence avoided erroneous, duplicated and unauthorized entries.
Seat Allotment – Seat allotment is divided into three steps which are First Allocation, Higher Option and Second Allocation and Subsequent Allocations. First allocation is the initial allocation for all students who comes at the top of merit list in all reservation categories. Higher option and second allotment is carried out simultaneously. Higher option allowed the students to re-apply their higher choice preferences if they allotted lower choices in first allotment and also consider the remaining merit list. All subsequent allotment will fill the empty seats as per the merit and reservation conditions. The Allotment process considered all criteria in Vertical and horizontal reservations. In vertical reservation there are five categories (GEN, NR, OBC, MBC, and SC) and each category having a fixed percentage of seats. Similarly horizontal reservation consists of 4 categories (Freedom Fighters, Ex-Service, Sports, and Physically Disabled).
Reports, memo and other Information – Created List of allocation and memo for each student after every allocation. The memo is issued to the student from respective schools and the list is published in official website of Mahe.

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