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In the era of technology, where speed has become the most essential requirement/ part of life, manual effort for completion of a task sounds a bit awkward. Where postage and other modes of communications have been replaced by mails and messages, imagining life without mobile and internet is like a nightmare. While being a part of District Administration, it was noticed that a District Magistrate, the one who is loaded with a number of responsibilities and tasks, somehow manages to execute on-n-average 15 committee meetings a month which is an essential part of administration. Due to an over busy and prone to change schedule, such meetings happens, as well as there schedule changes at a short notice of time. To intimate all the concerned members of the committee at such a short notice, sometimes becomes impossible using postage. Even if there is enough time to intimate all, an intimation/ invitation of meetings is a bundle of at least 10 pages mentioning the schedule as well as the agenda of the meeting which is then copied for all the members of the committee and last but not the least, an overhead of postal charges is also get clubbed in its costing, which again sounds a tedious process in the era of technology. To speed up the process and to reduce costing of the same, with the use of the latest technologies, a product has been developed and is still welcoming new features. The product makes an immense use of the e-mail and SMS for circulating the information’s and invitations, which helped in achieving the goal. The product has different levels of Logins matching the designation and rights of the user e.g. Administrator, Member Secretary and Member. Below mentioned are the details of facilities available to different logins: • Administrator: The DM login holds the right of Administrator (generally maintained by PA to Collector) and can post the details of a new meeting as well as can modify the schedule and cancel the meeting as well. Committee wise member list is also available to this login as well as list of all the users can also be generated on just a single click. This login can assign tasks to different members of the committee as well as can take a follow up of the same periodically. Only this login will hold the right to create logins for the Member Secretaries. • Member Secretary: Holder of such logins i.e. the member secretaries of the committees can Create/Edit a User Profile, Map/ Unmap a user to a committee, Upload Agenda for a meeting as well as can Upload the MoM (Minutes of Meeting) for the same. This login can also assign tasks to the member of his committees and can also take a follow up of the same. List of the users created by him and list of his/her committee member is also available. • Member: A member will be able to revert back to the task assigned to him using his login and will also be able to quote the status of the task as pending (with remarks) or done. How the System Works: The process starts with the creation of Login Id’s for the users. The moment, authority enters the details of the user in User Creation form and click submit button, the system will automatically generate a User Id and a Random Password and will mail it to the e-mail id mentioned in the User Creation Form available on the main page of the site. Even in case a user forgets his/her password, can recover it on a single click, as, the attempt will trigger a mail containing the password to the registered Mail Id of the user. After the creation of the User Id, it can be mapped to a committee with its role in that committee. Now finally comes the question, where comes the meeting into action? The next step is the answer, Using the New Meeting Creation form the administrator login can post the details/ schedule of the meeting and again just a click will result in triggering of a e-Mail as well as a SMS to all the member of the selected committee stating about the schedule , venue, time, date etc of the meeting. Now when the situation comes where the meeting schedule needs to be changed or in worst case needs to be cancelled, similar steps can be followed and intimation will reach the destination in fraction of seconds. The most silent but the most effective, yet not discussed feature of the product is that it helps in reducing the cost of the same up to a higher extent. How? Here goes the answer, all the agendas and MoM,s are just once uploaded on the server as well as mailed and that is available to all the concerned. They can download the file and can go green.

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Jagdish Soni
NIC, Collector Office, University Road, Patan-384265 gujpat[at]nic[dot]in