e-District Haryana (e-DisHa)


e-District Haryana (e-DisHa)Objective/Description:

e-District is a State Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan which aims to target high volume services and undertake backend computerization to e-enable the delivery of these services through Common Service Centers.
This project is of paramount importance to the State as it would help in creating an automated workflow system for the district administration in integrated manner and help in providing efficient services through e-Disha Centers, Common Service Centers (CSCs) & Front Offices of line departments which would be the primary front end service delivery channels envisaged under the NeGP program by Department of Electronics & Information Technology (Deity), Government of India (GoI). Haryana is surging forward with a motto of ‘reaching the un-reached and bridging the digital divide’

Implementation Status:

Rohtak had been chosen as pilot District under e-District MMP.State DEIT is the nodal department for e-District. Hartron is the State Implementing Agency and NIC-Haryana has been technology partner for development of application software, its enhancements and technology support for implementation in Rohtak and thereafter, state wide roll-out of the project.
Total 68 e-services have been rolled out in e-District Haryana. In phase-I, 30 services of Health and Revenue departments were launched on 02/05/2015 by Hon’ble Chief Minister Haryana.
In phase-II, 38 more e-services were launched on 27/02/2016 by Hon’ble Union Minister Communications & IT, as part of total 105 e-Services rolled out for delivery through CSCs.These e-Services are being delivered across the state through 2500 CSCs,125 e-DISHA Centers, 650 PHCs/CHCs, and 80 Municipalities.The District e-Governance Societies (DeGS) are functioning in all 21 districts. From 02/05/2015 to 28/04/2016 more than 40 lacs e-services have been delivered under e-District.
The e-District/e-DISHA system has been recognized at national level and has received Skoch Order of Merit Award on 22/09/2015 and Skoch Highest Independent Honour in India Award 2015 on 23/09/2015.
The e-District Haryana has been declared rank 1 in the latest release (April 2016) of DeitY among all states for e-District Project.


a)The time bound service delivery has resulted in improving the efficiency in delivery of the services
b) Elimination of corruption and middlemen from the process.
c) By providing a wide spectrum of services at a single place in multiple locations has helped in saving citizens from the trouble of running around various departments.
d) Now people gets the service in one (if supporting documents are available with him) or two (if supporting documents not available or in case of CSC) trips only.
e) e-DisHa is web based application and any service can be delivered from any counter/any location, so at the peak requirements of services,counters can be extended as per the crowd.
f) Due to streamlining of the service delivery, there is no hustle bustle at the counters so it creates the speedy work and more services are delivered in the same time compared to earlier system.
g) Helping in integration of databases of Government departments and organizations. This integration has also forced the user departments to carry out process reengineering and standardization in delivery of services.
h) Creating jobs/business in the districts for the local IT savvy youths through CSCs.
i) Helped in improving the financial health of District IT Societies by levy of small amount of service charges.
j) Status tacking of application & verification of certificates are very easy through QR Code, SMS or web site (edisha.gov.in)

Contact Details

NIC Haryana State Centre
New Secretariat Building, Ground Floor Sector 17 E, Chandigarh