e-Jan Sampark Portal


Impact of the project

"Services & Information accessible to the common man in his locality, throughout his life through a one-stop-shop ensuring efficiency, transparency & reliability to meet the basic needs of the common man."

As the next logical step to eSampark Centres ? where transactional services were being provided, the Administration set up e-Jan-Sampark Centers, to dissemniate useful free information services to the citizens. Every Center supports multi service delivery (information delivery and non-transactional services) which is a judicious mix of all the possible government services and information and other localized services which are needed by a citizen.

This initiative targets that the benefits of ICT reach the people without PC and internet connectivity and also saves their valuable time and money consumed in travelling to government offices.

The type of services provided include

  • registration of grievances and applications seeking information under RTI relating to all departments at one place .
  • OPD appointment in government hospitals .
  • Sale of adhesive stamps and stamp papers .
  • All procedures and forms for all departments .
  • Education and Health related information services e.g availability of blood etc.
  • Inquiries relating to Passport status; Railway booking status, examination result etc .
  • Providing access to all Govt websites.

These services are provided free of cost except when the citizen needs any print out, the same is available at a nominal cost per page of print out.

Key Objectives

  • Bring the administration closer to all the sections (including the unpriveleged sections) of the society .
  • Provide a single, efficient information dissemination system to the citizen for availing government services .
  • Minimize multiple interaction points for the citizen and hence reduce the wastage of valuable time .
  • Provide for better turn around time in receipt, processing and issue of services .
  • Provide information / services in a comfortable environment and make availing of the information/services a pleasant experience .
  • Giving substance to Right to Information Act .
  • Transparency & efficiency in government-citizen interface .
  • Life simpler for the common man .

Impact of the project

  • Government Services closer to the citizen
  • Footfall to these centres have gradually been rising .
  • Better information dissemination .
  • Transparency & efficiency in government-citizen interface .
  • Life simpler for the common man .
  • Financially self sustainable model for information delivery .

Contact Details

Ajay Rampal

National Informatics Center 19
2nd Floor, Estate Office Building Sector 17, Chandigarh