E-permit:- Online Permit System


UT of Lakshadweep is a restricted area. A valid entry permit is required to go/visit to Lakshadweep Islands. The permits are issued from the office of the Administration of the UT of Lakshadweep, Kochi. The Permit Management System accepts applications for entry permits and issues the permit. The accepted applications are given a registration number and the status of permit applications can be viewed through internet. This is the workflow system and soon after registration of the applications and the application details along with the photograph of the applicant are digitized and stored, Further processing of the applications are done at various levels and permit is issued after due checking by the authorities. The verifying authorities, the Deputy Collectors/Sub Divisional Officers in various islands get advance information on the permits being issued. The permits are stored electronically in a central database and the electronic version of the permit (e-permit) can be generated at any time from anywhere. This system ensures transparency in the processing of application forms and also enables the authorities to verify the authenticity of a physical documents by cross checking it in the web. The Entry and exit of the permit holders to the Islands can also be updated in the system .

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