e-Prisons of Puducherry


ePrisons Puducherry

Prisoner Management System is a web based solution for Prisoner Management and provides a centralised approach for recording and managing prisoner information and generating different kind of reports. This module helps in capturing all relevant information of the prisoner starting from entry till release under various options like Court Cases, Movements, Parole, Remission and Health Records etc.
PMS maintains all the relevant details and helps in producing different kind of MIS reports.

Visitor Management System is a web based solution for Visitor Management. This module assists in capturing all relevant information about the visitor who comes to see the prisoner and the records are getting stored in the database. A pass is getting generated and issued to the visitor and system maintains the all the visitor details along with relation and purpose. The system helps in number of visitor to the prisoner and their frequency of visit. There is no need to reenter the data of regular visitors again, as the data can be searched and fresh pass can be issued with minimum changes.

Contact Details

V. Gopi Swaminathan

NIC, A Block, 4th Floor, Puducherry