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The project has been conceived, designed, developed and implemented with the following objectives: Facilitation of a common platform for all beneficiaries and stakeholders for all scholarship and related schemes and services being provided by various departments of Government. Facilitation of system to ensure that the deserving candidates receive scholarship within time and without leakages by the introduction of automation and increased transparency in the System. Streamlining of the various processes involved in the distribution of scholarship to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Implementation of a comprehensive MIS for the Government to facilitate the monitoring and analysis of the Scholarship distribution and analysis of funds required to meet out the demand of scholarship from various districts. Facilitation of Social Audit by the dissemination of the details of the college/school wise beneficiaries’ and their detailed profile including Caste, Family income, and sanctioned scholarship amount etc. on the portal. Services rendered by the project The functionality of the application for various stakeholders is under:- 1. Students – a. Online Registration of the application for the scholarships. b. Online Tracking of the Status of the scholarship from website. c. E-mail alerts are issued to the students in case of acceptance, rejection, sanction and disbursal of the scholarship. d. SMS Alert facility to track the status. e. Social Audit of the scholarship being claimed by other students. 2. Institutes/Colleges/Schools – a. Registration of the courses running in the institute. b. Online verification of applications & forwarding of eligible applications to nodal agency. c. Facility to view the likely duplicate applications. d. Online acceptance and rejection of the application. e. Online generation of the proposal for submission to the nodal agency/Sanction Authority. f. Download the sanction orders (in real time) issued by the Sanctioning authority. g. Alerts issued to colleges on the sanction of the scholarships. h. Online entry of the details of the actual distribution of the scholarship. 3. Nodal Agencies – a. Online scrutiny & verification of proposals received from colleges/institutes. b. Online forwarding eligible applications to Sanctioning Authority. 4. Sanctioning Authorities– a. Online Verification of the applications forwarded by the nodal agencies. b. Automatic calculation of scholarship amount as per the profile of applicant. c. Automatic calculation of tuition fee amount to be reimbursed as per the profile of the student. d. Online Generation of the note sheet for the sanction of the scholarship. e. Online Generation and dissemination of the Sanction orders. 5. Disbursing Authorities– a. Online generation of the bank advice for various sanctions issued. b. Online Generation and printing of the cheques to be issued. c. Scrutiny of the applications being approved, sanctioned. d. Monitoring of the pending cases at various levels, Grievance redressal. 6. Parents and Public- a. Can view the sanction and pendency at various levels for social audit. Can view the detailed profile of the beneficiaries and amount sanctioned. They can report the fraud and mal-practices.

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Sunil Jain
NIC Govt. Computer Centre
“C” wing Basement
Vindhyachal Bhawan
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