eHRMS ManavSampada A Tool for Human Resource Management Product Model


The eHRMS Application was developed as the product model for providing a generalized human resource management solution for Government Departments to help them in taking right decisions at right time with proper monitoring, manpower planning and employee recruitment, postings, promotion and transfer based on their skill sets. . Currently, after due customization the application has been rolled out in Jharkhand State and hosted on NDC Shastri Park New Delhi. The data digitization has been completed and verification of data is in progress. Mobile app has been developed for leave and tour application. The eHRMSsecurity audited product modelis hosted on National Cloud at and it has been successfully implemented/replicated in the State of Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Telengana, Bihar Forest Department and National Human Right Commission, New Delhi, Goa, Assam, Telengana and requests have been received from the State of Uttarakhand, Chandigarh, Nagaland, Puducherry. The application provides various features such as electronic Service Book (e-service book),Online creation of Transfer/Promotion orders,Online submission of ACR and APR by employees,Online leave (e-leave) and online tour (e-tour) modules,Integration with other application – Data Sharing and User Authentication,Separate Modules for application customization and user management,Pension Management, Provision for user level customization and support local language,Provision for employees online service request and representation ,e-HRMS and e-Transfers mobile Apps to view employee service book , transfer orders and to apply and view Online leave and tour

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