eITI(An Integrated Portal for Industrial Training Institutes)


eITI(An Integrated Portal for Industrial Training Institutes)

Objective/Description To fee Information in uniform and & standardized manner thereby offering facility to maneuver the information fed for planning and monitoring in better way. To see and monitor the quality of ITI infrastructure, trades and seats under each trade being taught at ITI making use of query parameters made available in the interface. Generation of various MIS reports, query based and analytical made available to the department helps the department to monitor the progress and exercise proper control on them. To exercise a central control mechanism in place but at the same time provide decentralized approach to ITIs.

Implementation Status Operational since Nov 2013 and all ITIs are maintaining their websites themselves on day to day basis on real time basis without dependence upon anyone. The student and associated details like marks, attendance, and recruitment etc. teacher details, infrastructure available in the ITIs is maintained and updated on regular basis. The web-site of around 360 ITIs (government as well as private) is generated on the fly.

Outcome/Impact Saving Money spent on the development and hosting/yearly hosting charges due to centralised management Department is in better position to monitor the ITIs on one hand and plan for future. Parents/wards are using this portal to assess the ITIs in terms of teachers availability, courses availability, infrastructure, trainees progress and internal assessment. Common Template for all ITIs websites: As per GOI directive in addition to state requirements, a common template for ITI website is provided which aids not only the department but also the general public to assess each ITI before admission of their wards. Real time updation: The department at HQ level as well as ITI administrator are made available interfaces which enable them to manage their websites themselves without intervention from the developers. The ITIs are making their day to day changes and it reflects instantaneously. Reduced Dependence: The department has now more control over the information to be taken from ITIs as this is available in controlled and centralised manner.

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