Election Management System


NIC has been providing support for all the elections in all the districts and at state headquarters since 1990. These include Parliamentary, Legislative, local bodies and panchayat elections. Support is provided at various levels of election process.

Pre polling activities include computer support for nomination, polling party formation, counting party formation, area & zonal magistrate appointments, route chart preparation, etc. Reports of Law & Order are transmitted to the state headquarters using NICNET. It is also utilized to send polling information. Post polling activities supported by NIC centres include computerisation of counting process, results processing and results analysis. In the elections of Assembly and the parliament, results are also transmitted to the office of CEO/Election commission & Doordarshan. Services of NIC have been utilized and widely appreciated in all the districts by the election department. This includes revision of electoral rolls and polling booths, installation of hardware and software procured by election department for every district.

For the first time ever in the country NIC Rajasthan had created an online system for transmission of information pertaining to various stages of election starting from nomination to results. The online information is maintained on the website of election departmenthttp://ceorajasthan.nic.in

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