Election Management System


Election Management System

In Puducherry, ICT has played a key role in successfully implementing various initiatives during the conduct of Lok Sabha / Assembly Elections in transforming UT’s image as a place of innovative practices and a player in providing latest technology solutions and services. Under the leadership of the Chief Electoral Officer, these initiatives have helped the department to for the overall efficiency in the administration. NIC Cell has been opened for dedicated support of ICT applications as well as support for all ECI applications.

The following applications were developed / enhanced and implemented during the elections successfully.

1.Real Time Poll Monitoring System

Application to capture the Pre-Poll and Poll day activities at the Booth.

2.Trends Dissemination System (TDS)

Application to capture the progress of counting at different counting Centres centrally and the trends are available to Media / Public / Officials.

3.SMS Portal

A system for the office of DEOs, ROs of Puducherry UT to send SMS for various groups delivering personalized SMS during the conduct of Election.

4.Mobile App for Static Surveillance (SST) and Flying Squad Teams (FST)

Mobile Application (App) with a web interface to the control room for online information regarding movement of vehicles.

5.Udhavi – A Single Window Clearance System

Single window clearance application for the political parties and public to get necessary permission from DEO.

6.Theervu – Grievance and Complaints Redressal System

Voters can register the complaints and grievances through this work flow based Online System.

7.Online Services for Voters

Citizens can file their claims and objections with simple form interfaces without much hassle.

8.Search on Electoral Roll

Search can be done with English and Vernacular language to get the voters details with either EPIC number or by Name of the existing voters. SMS is also integrated to get the details.

9.General Information to Voters through Mobile App

Mobile App helps the users to get Voters slip, Booth location, BLO details, Queue information, poll percentage and counting progress are also provided.

These applications have made a significant impact as part of the work flow of the Election Management system. Apart from this, there are other modules which are being used during elections are Mock Poll preparation, Random password generation etc.

Contact Details

V. Gopi Swaminathan

NIC, A Block, 4th Floor, Chief Secretariat, Puducherry