Electoral Roll Management System (ERMS)


The Electoral Roll Management System (ERMS) enables the State Chief Electoral Office, Assam to maintain the complete Electoral Roll of the state in the standardized and uniform database as specified by the Election Commission of India .The ERMS developed by NIC, Assam in ASP.Net 3.5 and SQL Server 2005 comprises of the following modules: Porting of data –The module facilitates porting of existing data from Access database (19.5 GB) to subsequent tables of AC wise databases. Conversion of font to Unicode and Transliteration to English - To comply with the instructions of the Commission to have a bi-lingual database in all states the module facilitates conversion to Unicode compliant font using the encoding class of asp.net 3.5 and transliteration of Unicode converted data to English Summary Revision and Continuous Updation of Electoral Rolls – this module allows addition of new names to the Electoral Rolls (Form-6), deletion of existing names (Form-7), modification of existing names (Form-8) and Transposition of names within the same constituency (Form-8a) where an existing name in a polling station gets deleted and is added to a new polling station. Integration of Supplementary data with Mother Roll – this module integrates the supplementary data of summary revision and continuous updation with the existing Electoral Roll for publishing of final Electoral Roll. The Chief Electoral Office, Assam, on getting the go ahead from the Election Commission of India (ECI) started the process of Photo merging for electoral rolls in January 2012. Accordingly the Kamrup (metropolitan) district was first short listed for the launch of the pilot project which was also launched throughout the rest of the State in February 2012. As per the draft electoral rolls, at present, Assam has 1,85,62,143 voters and number of D-voters in the electoral rolls is 1,56,693. About 88.54 per cent of the 1,85,62,143 voters had submitted their photos along with the forms generated through the s/w to the election authorities. At present, approximately 80 percent of the photos have been merged statewise. The Photo Merging module developed in Asp Net 3.5 and Sql Server 2005 consists of : Electoral Details Form – Forms having individual elector data (except D-voters) were generated and distributed by the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) for collection of electors photographs. Photo upload – After collection of electoral details form along with the electors photographs the photographs are merged with the existing electoral roll database. Photographs are captured from the form using a webcam and the s/w resizes the captured photograph as per the ECI specification. The photographs are uploaded in binary format with size not more than 20KB Report for verification of uploaded photos Weekly report for monitoring progress of photo merging constituency wise. Printing of Electoral Rolls with electors photos

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