Energy Billing System


EBS is implemented at Electrical Subdivisions(ESD), it has the facility to record and index the power distribution inventory viz. Pole, Transformer, Feeder etc. mapped to each consumer. On daily basis, system generated meter reading sheets are carried to the consumer premises for recording the current meter reading, the data is then fed into the system after which the system automatically generates the current bill along with arrear payable if any. Consumer receives the bill and comes to the collection counters on-site / off-site. On payment, system generated receipt is handed over to consumer. Day end collection, bill summary is auto generated. The consumer ledger is auto updated. Information on bill, collection and consumer ledger is available over the NET and KIOSK for transparency. Defaulter list and notice is generated every month for defaulter cases. ATC loss, other audit & MIS reports are generated every month for close monitoring of the revenue system.

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