"Ever Alert"- Online Medical Inventory System


"EverAlert" is the one of the major projects under taken by the UT of Lakshadweep as part of e-Governance initiatives. 'Ever-Alert' is an online application system designed, developed and implemented for the Department of Medical and Health Services to facilitate the process of indent, procurement and monitoring of availability of medicines in the Hospitals, Community Health Centres and Primary Health Centres across all the islands. All the hospitals and other Health Centres are provided with the dedicated internet connection through V-SAT. While considering the health sector, the basic requirements of medicines and keeping the stock position of vital medicines are very important tasks to be carried out to provide health care to the ordinary citizens of Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep, the only State/UT in India, where there is no private hospitals and clinics are available. The entire population of Lakshadweep solely depends on the services offered by the government owned hospitals/Medical institutions.

Contact Details

Shri. K. P. Mohammed Koya

National Informatics Centre,
Secretariat Building,
Kavaratti-682 555 , U.T. Of Lakshadweep