Ever Alert-Online Medical Inventory System Lakshadweep


Ever Alert-Online Medical Inventory System


Ever Alert is the one of the major projects under taken by the UT of Lakshadweep as part of e-Governance initiatives. Ever-Alert is an online application system designed, developed and implemented for the Department of Medical and Health Services to facilitate the process of indent, procurement and monitoring of availability of medicines in the Hospitals, Community Health Centres and Primary Health Centres across all the geographically isolated islands.While considering the health sector, the basic requirements of medicines and keeping the stock position of vital medicines are very important tasks to be carried out to provide health care to the ordinary citizens of Lakshadweep . Lakshadweep, the only State/UT in India, where there is no private hospitals and clinics are available. The entire population of Lakshadweep solely depends on the services offered by the government owned hospitals/Medical institutions.

Considering the dearth of transport facilities in Lakshadweep, the proper monitoring and careful management of transportation of medicines and appliances are to be taken care of in application.

The dedication and responsibility of the U T Administration, to ensure the availability of essential medicines and appliances in all hospitals in Islands, by using latest ICT tools lead to the conceptualization of the project EverAlert in Lakshadweep.

Objectives and Scope

The key objective of the system is to remain Alert of the medicine stock as the name implies. Apart from this, Ever Alert brings centralized stock management of medicines, consumption analysis and cargo management of medicines among central store and field office stores. The system also keeps track of the expiry dates of the medicines. Making available all the essential and emergency medicines in all the islands were one of biggest challenges for the Medical Department of Lakshadweep. With the introduction of the new Web-based Inventory system, this problem can be surmounted which will bring great relief for the people of the islands.

Major features of Ever Alert

Maintains Centralized Online stock for all the medicines Online generation of Supply order Preparation of Distribution List of medicine against each supply order Single level entry of Batch No and Expiry date of medicines Cargo Management of medicines Packing dispatch through ship Indent/Consumption of Management of medicines Online list (Alert) to all users about the Expiry of Medicines within stipulated time Online status of stock position of all medicines (Category wise and group wise) Location wise stock position of all medicines (both category wise and group wise) E-mail alert to Controlling office about the stock positions and crucial transaction of medicines Online status and stock position of Life saving and crucial medicines

Major Reports : Stock Register: Central stock and location wise Cargo list Location wise receipts ROL (Re-Order level) Report of medicines

Key success factor Ever Alert is one of the key project of project of Lakshadweep to ensure the Vital/Life saving medicines are available in all the hospitals/primary health centre of Lakshadweep. Online monitoring by Director of Health services Secretary Health SWAN/NICNET Connectivity in all medical store Hands on Training session and onsite training was conducted by the NIC resource persons in all Islands.

Contact Details

NIC Lakshadweep UT Centre
Secretariat Building,U.T. Of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti