File Monitoring System


File Monitoring System (FMS) is a web-based application, which aims for having a proper monitoring on the flow of files in various Departments & Sub-departments of Chandigarh Administration. The need to have an Integrated FMS was felt because after diary and marking of the files, it was very difficult to trace the file. This way no official was sure of pending files, expected replies, files marked to him and the target dates for the replies. This is a centralised work-flow based application, which is accessible only through the Intranet Portal of Chandigarh Administration after the login and role of the user is authenticated. Many departments of Chandigarh Administration are using this application to manage and monitor their files. Most of the departments are either on LAN or have high-speed connectivity through Chandigarh SWAN, to access this application. It is a highly secure system with every concerned person having a proper login name and password for his own department/sub-department, so that nobody else is able to tamper with the data. The application also caters to file movement from/to departments where FMS is not running, by maintaining the links. Impact of the project It has resulted in very effective monitoring of files as every concerned user is sure of latest file status at his/her end. This makes the file flow very effective and speedy. Also, the people concerned are answerable for any negligence and delay on their part. Different types of reports-Date wise Diary List, File History, Category wise Diary list, Summary report and alerts like Pending status and those which are due also assists in monitoring and management. An effective search facility based on marked to, marked from and multiple options serves as a very important tool to mine through the voluminous contents.

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Ajay Rampal
National Informatics Center 19 2nd Floor, Estate Office Building Sector 17, Chandigarh sio-chdut[at]nic[dot]in