GeoForest : Forest Mapping for Madhya Pradesh


India is a mega-biodiversity country where forests account for about 20% (64 million hectare) of the geographical area. With nearly 200,000 villages classified as forest villages, there is obviously large dependence of communities on forest resources. The state of Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) is endowed with rich and diverse forest resources. The forest area of the state is about 30.71% of the geographical area of the state and 12.44% of the forest area of the country. Recent global assessments have shown that future climate change is likely to significantly impact forest ecosystems. This is expected to accelerate in the future unless there is a concerted effort towards conservation & development of forest. In this regard, innovative use of modern ICT tools is being increasingly recognized as a efficient & effective in preparation & implementation of appropriate management plans. GeoForest, is internet-based decision-support system based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) & developed using J2EE front-end. It is a enterprise web-based G2G solution which has access via intranet/ internet for authorized users. Enterprise GeoDatabase created under GeoForest covers entire forest area of M.P. The spatial layers includes Forest Ranges, Compartments with their legal status (RF/PF), classification of forest, forest type, site quality etc. Working circles, felling series & coupes pertaining to a working plan are also part of Spatial GeoDatabase. With the creation of the GeoDatabase, GeoForest facilitates forest management towards stock mapping, processing & analysis of forest resource, review & monitoring of working plan, identification of potential forest planning and management areas & measures to be taken. This could help achieve not only the desired transparency and easiness in planning process but also facilitates efficient & effective system for forest management owing to its in-built scientific approach and open-ended design.

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Vivek chitale

Geomatics Division  

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