GRAS Government Receipt Accounting System Virtual Treasury e-challan Maharashtra


GRAS Government Receipt Accounting System Virtual Treasury e-challan Maharashtra

Finance Department (FD), Government of Maharashtra,has decided to receive its tax and non-tax revenue receipts electronically. For this purpose the State Government has established a new treasury called as Virtual Treasury which dedicatedly handles all the online transactions across state centrally. The transactions take place through a web-portal named as Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS)i.e.
Virtual Treasury was established as the 35th Treasury of the State and it is one of the first Virtual Treasury established in the country where only electronic receipts will be collected through the web site. The jurisdiction of the Virtual Treasury is across the State whereas in the case of the Physical Treasury it is restricted to a geographical location.
The facility is available on a 24/7 basis. It is a G2C,G2B,G2G and G2E application. StakeHolders– Citizen,VTO,Agency Banks,RBI,AG,Treasury,Departments Modes of Payment– Internet Banking ,Counter Payment, SBI e-pay Payment Gateway Knowledge Shared for Replication in Other States– Rajasthan , Haryana , Kerala , Puduchery , Meghalaya, Chandigarh Jammu & Kashmir ,Chattisgarh and NEGP Team of Deity
Implementation Status

No of Banks Integrated with GRAS – 19 and One Payment Gateway of SBI e-Pay GRAS has being implemented in Maharashtara wef 24th June 2010.


  • One of the biggest strengths can also be noted as liquid fund availability to RBI/government on basis which helps the government to predict the Cash Flows and adjust the liquidity or Overdraft positioning of the State Government Funds.
  • Entire manual process of Government Receipt right from the payer selecting and making his own data entry for preparing the receipt, making the payment, Fund Transfer, Accounting, Reconciliation between Trteasury, Banks ,RBI and Department on generating and submitting receipt reports electronically.
  • Government has saved on Commission being paid to the Stamp Vendors .
  • No Physical challan is stored at Treasury and Bank thereby reducing paper work. (Government Receipt Accounting System) received the third prize in Rajiv Gandhi Prashaskiya Gatimanat(Pragati)Abhiyan and Spardha Prize–Year 2012 . The award consists of a Certificate and Cash Prize of Rs 4,00,000 to the Department. The Certificate was presented by the Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Prithviraj Chavan on 28th March 2013 and was jointly received by Shri Balakrishnan Nair Technical Director NIC SDU Pune and Director Accounts and Treasuries Finance Department, Government of Maharashstra.

    The Entire system has being Designed , Developed and Implemented by NIC SDU Pune.
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    11th Floor, New Administrative Building,Mantralaya, Madam Cama Road,Mumbai