Home Page for e-Notices


Home Page for e-Notices

E-Notices – Various notices to different branches such as Question Branch, Legislative Branch-I, Legislative Branch-II and Table Office can be submitted online. The concerned branches would receive these notices online and process the notices. Various checks such as time to submit specific notices are built into the system. Other features of the Lok Sabha Member’s Portal The Lok Sabha Member’s Portal is integrated with the Lok Sabha Website. The information that is published on the Website can also be viewed by the member through the Member’s Portal. Online submission of notices would be integrated with DSCs. Hence, these online submissions of notices would have legal sanctity. The information exchange is through e-mode, thus proving the initiative to be an important milestone in achieving e-Sansad. Status:
The application has been audited and deployed. Awareness training sessions to the Members of Lok Sabha is also being conducted during the current session of Lok Sabha. It is ready to Go Live.

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