Hospital OPD Appointment


Hospital OPD Appointment System is another welfare measure undertaken by Chandigarh Administration to make life of citizens simpler. A patient desirous of visiting the 2 main Government Hospitals can seek prior appointment (upto a fortnight) by visiting the nearest eJan Sampark or Gram Sampark centre. Based on the OPD schedule and slot availability the patient is given appointment and then at the scheduled time he can visit the hospital for treatment. He is thus saved of long and tiring efforts of standing in a queue awaiting his turn.

The facility is subsequently going to be extended to other hospitals, polyclinics, clinics, dispensaries, laboratories etc and with additional facilities like getting prior appointments for lab tests, X-rays, new patients, bed availability, blood availability etc.

Impact of the project

It has come as a big relief for users, who already are patients, as it not only saves them in terms of time but also efforts and inconvenience that they go through. Hospitals too have a list of patients scheduled to visit OPD and can schedule accordingly.

Contact Details

Ajay Rampal

National Informatics Center 19
2nd Floor, Estate Office Building Sector 17, Chandigarh