Integrated Financial Management System Haryana


Integrated Financial Management System Haryana


The goal of the IFMS is to provide both tangible and intangible benefits that will not only improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial discipline and control processes managed by DOF, but also integrate the Financial Management System with the Human Resources Management components to streamline the related business operations throughout the State Government.
The goals of the IFMS Project are as follows:

a) Real time, transparent and actionable financial information and analytics,
b) Well defined information channels with greater control and accountability
c) Consolidation of otherwise fragmented information environment into an integrated system.
d) Improve the Budget Process for all stakeholders by seamless integration.
e) Automate consolidation and reconciliation of accounts giving better financial forecast and enhancing the State’s ability to account for revenue collections.
f) Improve existing monitoring & financial controls
g) Improved reporting and tracking capabilities
h) Enhance analysis of State-wide inter/intra Department financial data and reduce duplication of efforts in data entry.

Implementation Status

IFMS has been implemented all over Haryana. It is an amalgamation of following five applications which are tightly integrated with each other to carry out all sort of activities related to state finances:

• Online Budget Allocation, Monitoring and Analysis System: OBAMAS.
• Online Bill Preparation: e-Billing
• Online Treasuries Information System: OTIS
• Online Pension Processing system e-Pension
• Government Receipt Accounting System:e-GRAS


This application is being used by various offices of the state government for carrying out following activities across the State:
1. Budget Preparation System from DDO level
2. Online Budget Allocation/Revision Budget /LOCs to HODs/BCOs/DDOs
3. Online Re-appropriation of Budget
4. Ways and Means Control and passing of bills
4. Implementation of economy instructions
5. E-Post Sanction
6. Finance Dash Board.
7. Interfaces provided to planning department for data updation
8. Online View of Payment status by any person
9. Debt management system
10. Integrated with e-Billing, Web-OTIS, e-Pension and e-GRAS Systems.


This system has been implemented throughout the state and is being used by DDOs to carry out following activities
1. Creation of Unique Payee Code for electronic payment.
2. Preparation all sort of bills such Salary, TA, Contingency, Medical and DA Arrear, LTC, Leave encashment, Salary Arrears,Court Refunds etc.
3. Online Submission of bills in digital form in the treasuries.
4. Calculation of Income tax and preparation of Schedule.
5. Generation of 24Q e-TDS (for tax deducted on salary) income tax file by DDO for filing quarterly return.
6. Generation of digitally signed XML file for ADHAR based payments.
7. Generation of Form 16 annual statement and monthly salary slips.
8. Online View of Bill Status
9. Integrated will OBAMA, WEBOTIS,e-Pension and NSDL

Employee can see
1. His monthly Salary Slip
2. Annual Salary Statement
3. Monthly Subscription status related to GPF, NPS
4. Status of Loans and Advances booked by AG.


Web OTIS (Online Treasuries Information System) has been implemented in all Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries w.e.f. 01.07.2013
1. Online passing of Bills.
2. Preparation of Accounts related to receipts and expenditure.
3. DDOs online verify payment details before electronic payment
4. Integrated with Banks for online verification of EPS data and download EPS data for making payment and upload the expenditure booked by them online.
5. Integrated with AG Office for downloading monthly accounts data.
6. Facility for preparation of NPS employee contribution file for onward submission to NSDL.
7. Maintenance of Online PD/PLA/RD/CCD accounts have been started w.e.f. 01.04.2014.
8. Generation of income tax files- 24G and 26G for online submission of income tax data to Income tax Department.
9. e-Stock system for management of Strong room and issuance stamp papers has been implemented.
10.Integrated with OBAMAS, e-Bill, e-Pension, e-GRAS


E-Pension software has been implemented in all the Treasuries/sub treasuries w.e.f. 01.10.2012 and it is running successfully. The employees who were earlier drawing pension from treasury or who have retired on or after 1.10.2012 are getting their pension through this system.
1. Creation of Unique Payee Code for electronic payment.
2. Preparation all sort of bills such Regular Pension, Family Pension LTA, Commutation, Medical and DA Arrear, LTC,Gratuity, Pension Arrears
3. Online Submission of bills in digital form in the treasuries.
4. Calculation of Income tax and preparation of Schedule.
5. Integrated will WEBOTIS, e-Salary
6. A centralized Pension Disbursement Cell has been created at Panchkula which will be centrally disburse pension after a PPO is transferred to the PDC.
7. Linked with ADHAR based Jivan Praman Portal of Govt of India for submission of life certificate from anywhere anytime.


E-GRAS (Government Receipt Accounting System) has been implemented all over the State w.e.f. December, 2013 and it is running successfully. This system is being used
1. Online preparation of Challan.
2. The depositor can deposit govt. receipt in any branch of SBI, SBOP, PNB, IDBI and in the local treasury bank branch.
3. Integration with payment aggregator of Punjab National Bank for Internet banking based payments for customers of more than 40 banks.
4. Generation of e-Stamp papers.
5. Integrated with property registration system of Haryana HARIS for online verification of stamp papers.
6. DDOs can online verify receipt details online.
7. Major recruiting departments such as Excise and Taxation, SSC, PSC, Police Recruitment board and employment department have been integrated for online generation of Challan and payment verification
8. Cyber Treasury has been created to reconcile account with the banks, prepare account and submit the same to AG office.
9. Facility to correct the challan before account preparation has been provide to all Treasury and Sub-treasury officers.
. 10.Integrated with OBAMAS, web-OTIS for online verification of refunds and issuance of stamp papers.


✔ Quick generation of consolidated budget abstract, wage bill, summaries and other budget linked reports
✔ Saving in budget printing time by automatic printing of budget document on TP sheets
✔ Better management of state funds due to Instant availability of online expenditure details
✔ Minimized fraudulent payments and without budget provision payments
✔ Reduced number of Audit Para
✔ DDO can view the status of the bill from his work place
✔ Reduced number of reconciliation related problems
✔Online Tax payments by Tax payer from his work place
✔ Prompt payment and to the valid payees only, through EPS.
✔ Minimized use of papers.
✔ Eliminated chances of error and brought more accuracy.
✔ Two high resolution photographs

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