Integrated-Governance solution to Lakshadweep Electricity Department


This project is a total e-governance solution designed for the Department of Electricity, providing for "a digitally integrated Department where all the services to the consumers, employees and business are available online from anywhere". All the offices of the department in the islands of UT of Lakshadweep and mainland are interconnected through NICNET-VSAT facilities. Web-enabled work flow systems have been developed for all the public activities of the department, namely electricity consumer management, energy billing, complaints management, materials management, human resource management etc. It is notable that every household in every island is electrified in Lakshadweep; this is the first case of universalization of electricity. Under this project, a consumer can prepare his own bill through self-reading of meters.

Integrated-Governance solution to Lakshadweep Electricity Department  has following features :

  • The dispersed offices of the department in the islands and mainland 'Virtually' integrated.
  • The Electricity Consumer Services at the doorstep of the people.
  • The process of providing service connection become transparent and structured and is free from human manipulations.
  • Centralized management of all the Consumer Services, Complaint Management, Materials management, Human resource management and centralized accounting & monitoring possible. . This can be accessed easily and quickly whenever required. Data and fact sheets are available in greater detail .
  • No need to physically send the reports/documents etc. to Kavaratti from outlying islands; Money and Time saved.
  • Time taken for submitting application and processing the application is minimized.
  • Monitoring of the availability and movement of materials possible from anywhere anytime.
  • Various Statistical/MIS report easily generated.
  • The awareness about ICT and its benefits reach the unreached poor; the uneducated in the remote and isolated islands.

Contact Details

Shri. K. P. Mohammed Koya

National Informatics Centre,
Secretariat Building,
Kavaratti-682 555 , U.T. Of Lakshadweep