Integrated Registration Information System (e-Pathiram)


Integrated Registration Information System (e-Pathiram)

National Informatics Centre, Puducherry has designed an ICT-enabled Integrated Registration Information System (e-Pathiram) for the Registration Department, Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Government of Puducherry. e-Pathiram– This web based e-Pathiram system is used in registration department to automate the different types of the registration process of immovable properties at Puducherry UT. This is a G2C, G2G application. The single application is used to connect all the Sub-Registrar offices of the UT of Puducherry. e-Pathiram is used to automate the Registration process by virtue of built-in valuation process, automated stamp duty and registration fees calculations, Capturing Biometric information of the parties involved and Scanning of the registered documents.

e-Pathiram Workflow System designed to achieve the following objectives:-

  • Provides the transparency in the valuation of the properties in particular and Registration in general.
  • Automate the workflow areas of the entire registration process in a single interface.
  • Provides the built in valuation process, automated stamp duty and registration fees calculations.
  • Enable citizen to register different types of immovable properties easily and quickly.
  • Electronic sharing of Registration data with line departments is possible, like the Land records department, Income Tax Department.


  • Single web application connecting all SROs.
  • Checks the Biometric of the executants.
  • Photograph and fingerprint of the witness are captured.
  • The facility provided to Print endorsement sheet along with the documents.
  • Integration with land records package to retrieve the owner details and Land details.
  • Form-13 automatically generated by each Tasildhar after each registration of documents.
  • Built in valuation process, automated stamp duty and registration fee calculations.
  • Capturing Biometric information of parties involved.
  • Scanning of the registered documents.
  • e-stamping- e-Stamping is a computer-based application and a secured way of paying non-judicial stamp duty to the government. Integrated e-stamping facility in epathiram.


  • e-Pathiram efiling
    The web-based e-filling has been designed and developed to support centralized e-filling process which will connect all sub-registrar offices in Puducherry state for entry level registration process and provide facility to make an appointment for registration of documents.
    The Registrant can file from anywhere/anytime the document particulars through this system
    This will eliminate the time taken in feeding the document particulars at the time of registration process which will enable the department to provide the citizen service in a faster and convenient way.
  • e-Pathiram- INDEX ENTRY
    The Registration department maintains Index Book from 1969-2005.
    This package used to get the details of Index entry book entries, which is further used to provide Encumbrance Certificate.
    Using this package, the Issue of Encumbrance certificate is delivered to public on demand.
  • Issue of EC:
    The Encumbrance search facility is provided to the department users to deliver EC to the public.
  • Issue of CC
    This facility available to the print the scanned documents with SR approval and provide to the public as certified copy on request.
  • Prohibited area Details:
    Facility is provided to capture the prohibited area details and thereby prevents the registration process for the stored prohibited areas.
  • Electronic Sharing of Data –
    Facility is provided to generate the form 13 to the Tahsildar and also provide income tax report to the Income tax department and provide the sale report to RI for the GLR calculation purpose
  • MIS
    Account A report and Index Entry Report and various MIS is provided for the Department

GLR Values Dissemination:

A web-based application to show the details of the GLR Value to the public. It facilitates to provide GLR values of each year as per the government guidelines. Using this application public can view the GLR value pertaining to the given Resurvey/ Town Survey number

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