Intranet Portal of Chandigarh Administration


Keeping in mind the similar requirement of various departments of Chandigarh Administration and the need to provide an environment where they could interact, the Intranet Portal of Chandigarh Administration was conceptualized. The portal harnesses content from across the various departments of Chandigarh Administration and provides a common information platform. Although, the primary driver for the development of this solution was the need to have a single point of access for various applications, this portal has now become the face of the Chandigarh Administration. It plies to the necessities of employees and provides a solution to deploy workflow based applications.

In addition to providing intra-departmental and inter-departmental services at one place in a secure and reliable way, it has become an efficient monitoring tool also. Access to various applications is based on single login, as per assigned roles, and for valid domains only. It is also easy to maintain and manage the application and is highly scalable. As applications are more or less common across various departments, it is widely acceptable thus avoiding duplicity of efforts. For the benefit of employees, special emphasis has been laid on provisioning informative contents and various forms and procedures.

The Portal is securely hosted in state of art Network Data Centre in a fault tolerant environment so that there is no downtime. Any new application is also accessible through the portal. Some of the applications accessible through the portal are Visitors Information System, File Monitoring System, Meeting Manager, Court Cases Monitoring System, Licence Fee Monitoring, Budget Information System etc.

Impact of the project

Since, the portal is available on 24*7 basis and is accessible from anywhere, it has generated a very large user base which is growing steadily. Any of the applications already available can easily be replicated for another department and can be easily scaled for new applications. Since, there is an effective role management, it is thus highly secure and robust.

Currently twelve applications are deployed which are accessed by most of the departments of the Chandigarh Administration. Apart from it there is whole lot of information available which is of interest to the employees. Alert services are also very efficiently handled in the applications thus giving substance to the whole concept.


Contact Details

Ajay Rampal

National Informatics Center 19
2nd Floor, Estate Office Building Sector 17, Chandigarh