Land Records Computerization (LRC)


The project is successfully operational in 247 Tehsils covering 42,665 villages. The copies of Records of Rights(RoR) are being issued from Tehsil Computer Centre (Apna Khata Center) and also from each District Data Centre. For all vital information?s, citizens can now log at and obtain RoR from 957 kiosks.

The manual process of preparing the New Chausala is completely discontinued. The computer generated Chausala are being used by the Patwari in the field. The copies of RoR are being issued from Tehsil Computer Centre (Apna Khata Centre) regularly. However the manual process of providing the copies of RoR in field by Patwari is in practice. Hence both the systems exist. Under second phase of LRC 647 Revenue offfices have been strengthen and upgraded existing hardware . The dimensions of project is as under :

(a) At Tehsil Level :

The prime goal of Land Records Computerization is to store all information regarding land in systematically and logical way so that information is easily retrievable according to the requirement of the farmers and administration. The copies of RoR are being issued from Tehsil Computer Center ( Apna Khata Center) on regularly basis. The manual process of preparing the new chausala was discontinued since 2003. The computer generated chausala are being used in the field. However the manual process of providing the copies of RoR in field by Patwari is in practice. The replication of data is being also maintained at district level for all the Tehsils pertaining to a district for backup.

(b) At District Level :

The authorized copies of RoR are also being issued from District Data Center. Operational trainings have been provided to more then 3500 revenue officials for smooth execution of the project . In addition to it, the regular refresher training programs are being organized from time to time.

(c) LRC On web :

First and most forward state as in LRC for hosting the entire state land records data web for public use. The details of land can be view on web site. The certified copy can be obtained from the authorized centre. The Govt. of Rajasthan has authorized Kiosks holders to obtain the Land Records Copy from the Internet on payment basis as prescribed, which is valid and legal for all purposes. At present the project has been successfully launched in all 33 districts of Rajastha at tehsil level. It makes the commitment of transparent and efficient management in government. The data are available in Hindi. A common man can retrieve his/her land details by just providing the tehsils name,village,khata number. The data are being updated at state centre on regular basis.

Impact of the project

The prime beneficiaries under this project is all land holders whose revenue records is can be viewd on click from tehsils/cyber kisosks/Internet. The stored information is easily retrievable. A common many view records. It facilitates fast searching by just giving any of the parameter by selecting a village viz Khata number,Khasra number ,Owner name. The copies of records are highly on demand by NGOs?, PWD, Urban Improvement Trusts, Land Banks, Irrigation Department &Co-operative; Banks etc.The process of manual preparation of chausala is completely discontinued The computerized jamabandai is made available to all field officials. The information is easily accessible by different officials from any other corner of the country. Thus it can be used various planning purpose.

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