Launching of DDO On Line Module E-payment Uttarakhand


Launching of DDO On Line  Module E-payment UttarakhandObjective/Description

Core Treasury System (CTS) web portal is designed and developed to provide user interface to various users of treasury and finance department in the state. This portal provides real time financial transactions of State Government performed at 86 Treasuries/Sub Treasuries connected through dedicated lease line across the state. Department of Finance, Treasuries, Secretaries, Head of Departments, DDO CCL/PLA Department, Finance Controllers, Bankers, Employees and Pensioners can get instant information through internet by using their login and password. This will help more than 4200 DDO 400 CCL/PLA users to prepare Online Bills/E-cheque/Online Pension Papers of the state & to reconcile the receipt and payment details with treasury figures Accountant General in single click.

This portal facilitates online budget distribution and surrender by 68 Secretaries 120 HODs including Contingency District Plan and TR24 budget, they will be benefited to get their grant/scheme wise progressive expenditure / Budget details

Brief Overview of the project

The concept of Core Treasury System is unique because it not only use ICT but reengineering the business process of the treasury functioning to provide the transparent, prompt, objective and hasselfree services. All 86 Treasuries/Sub Treasuries are connected to Finance Data Centre through SWAN and alternate connectivity is also provided through VSATs.

The existing project provides the following services:
Online Budget Distribution for Secretary HODs
Online Contingency Budget Distribution for Secretary HODs
Online District Plan Budget Distribution by District Magistrates
Online Budget Surrender for HOD DDOs
Online Contingency Budget Surrender for HOD DDO
Online District Plan Budget Surrender by District Magistrates DDO
DDO has to submit Online Bills to Treasury and status being sent to beneficiary by SMS at different stages like when DDO approves online Bill, in next stage when treasury passes the Bill & finally when payment is credited to beneficiary account.
Government Receipt may be deposited through E-Challan on line payment by Public/Govt. Employee/Pensioner. Integration with SBI Corporate Banking System using SFTP for Online E-Payment E-Reciepts for 2,50,000 employees,1,20,000 Pensioners, 6,50,000 Social Security Pensioners,2,25,000 Scholarship holders,5,200 PRD, 5500 Home Guard,33,000 Aanganwadi employees,645 Aided Schools,63,500 others and 2,00000 vendors. Facility to generate Pay Slip/Annual Drawls/Claims Details/Deduction Schedules Statement for Salary Pension, Claims & Deduction by individuals as well as by the DDO also without any delay Advance intimation through SMS alerts for the Salary/Pension and Claims payment regularly. Facility to Calculate Income Tax Online to the Employees, Pensioners and generation of Form-16 Form-16A electronically. Facility to Generate Form-24Q Form-26Q electronically by system for Income Tax department by various DDO’s Work Departments. Facility to generate various expenditure & receipts reports as required by DDO HOD Secretaries. Facility to generate Online Pension Papers by DDO Autonomous Bodies like UTC, UPCL, PTCUL. AG can get Payment details of all Treasuries on line through Treasury & AG Interface that can be used for reconciliation.

Implementation Status: Core Treasury System (CTS) has been successfully implemented for the following various stakeholders in the project. Finance Department 60 Secretaries/Add. Secretaries to the Government 130 Head of the Departments (HOD) 4200 Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDO) 86 Treasury / Sub Treasury Officers 2,50000 Employees of the State Government 1,20000 Pensioners drawing pension from the Treasuries/Sub Treasuries RBI, Agency Bankers and Other Bankers Disbursing Salary Pension and Online Payment Accountant General Uttarakhand for accounts Public Works Department for Online Payment using CCL/DCL/PLA. ICDS & Social Welfare Department for Online Payment to various beneficiaries directly in their accounts like Old Age/Handicapped/Widow Pension, Aganwari Salary etc. Autonomous Bodies like UTC, UPCL, PTCUL for Online Pension Paper Generation Third Party Vendors registered in Commercial Tax Department / Utility Vendors. Income Tax Department for Submission of Form 26Q Form 24Q NSDL for New Pension Scheme (NPS) MIS for Amount uploaded by state government of the government employees.
Outcome/Impact (I)Result Achieved/Value Delivered to the beneficiary of the project : First and foremost value of any system overhauling is an opportunity of correcting various legacy challenges of old system and practices. In this exercise, entire data was verified, validated, and unique identification was assigned to each employee record. This gives us most valuable set of employee records which is having varied high degree of accuracy. It can be scaled up for knowledge base for multiple usage and domains. Monthly Pay slip & Annual Statement for last 5 years is available on the portal for all employees and pensioners. Online Income tax Calculation facility is available to all employees/pensioners. DDO can online generate all required reports such as Monthly drawl statement Consolidated Treasury Receipt (CTR), Income Tax Calculation of Employees etc. from the portal. A pensioner can get his annual verification online from any treasury office in the state. SMS alerts for Monthly Salary payment , Arrears payment ,Advances payment, Pension payment is sent to employees/pensioners Treasury services are not location specific. Government grants and funds can be transferred to all locations from single point in the line of CBS. It has triggered a cascading reaction for inducting governance in planning, registration, budget and other related departments. It enables a better HR management scenario for maintain transfer and postings across the state in hassle free environment. State Government could easily discover and compute the financial stakes with other state and central governments. Entire system should be seen in perspective of a hilly terrain and newly created state where teachers, junior level govt employees and pensioners are getting upto date delivery of salary and pensions which used to be major challenge in past. It brings a paradigm shift in socio-economics of an emerging state from shadow of backwardness and being difficult state. Cyber-highways helps in bridging the geographical devide and reaching to unreached.
Extent to which the Objective of the Project is fulfilled :
Project has clearly demonstrated potential of e-governance in laying foundation for good governance. It has enhanced people’s trust in financial management and better resource planning. All 4200 DDO’s are generating their reports and submitting on line bills from the portal. No hard copy of the reports is provided by the Treasuries. About 120000 employees and pensioners have registered themselves for getting SMS alerts. Head of the department can generate consolidate reports online from the portal. Besides delivering e_governance to state, project has given a knowledge base for wide spectrum of decision making of immense value.

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