Members Login Portal- Rajya Sabha


Members Login Portal- Rajya Sabha

Objective/Description:In order to disseminate the information to the members of Parliament which is confidential and/or information pertaining to an individual member, the Hon’ble Deputy Chairman had desired that, some mechanism should be evolved so that information could be sent to the Members electronically. Member’s Login application is the step forward in that direction which is aimed at reduction in the use of paper by disseminating the information to the Member of Parliament by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat. It also aims at providing a two way fast and reliable communication channel to the Members and the Rajya Sabha Secretariat. It was decided to develop individual member’s Login Area. The member’s login Area is a two way Communication channel and web portal through which secretariat can deliver information/documents to the members as well as members can submit their requests to the different sections of the Secretariat or to the Secretary General. 1. Inbox (Official) 2. SMS - New SMS, Inbox, SMS Sent, 3. Send SMS/ Email to MPs - Alphabetical, State Wise, Party Wise, Gender wise 4. Submit Request to SG,RS 5. View Pay Slip 6. Payments Sent to bank 7. TA-DA Bills details 8. MTNL: Telephone Bills details 9. NDMC: Electricity and water Bills details 10. Print Address Labels of MPs - All Address, State Wise, Party Wise, Exports to CSV 11. Bulletin part-II 12. Verbatim Debates 13. Committee Meeting Schedule- Today, This week, This Month, Search 14. Miscellaneous Communication

Implementation Status:The Members Login Portal is being used by all the Members of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) for last four years.

Outcome/Impact:Immediate availability of information through the portal has helped the member access to timely information. Also they are able to communicate with the secretariat electronically. Due to stopping of sending Physical paper, there is huge savings of cost and efforts. It also provides permanent records to the Members for future use.

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