Mid Day Meal Monitoring System (MDM)


In the state, Mid Day Meal Directorate is executing the Mid Day Meal program in more than 82000 schools of Rajasthan covering the students of class 1-5 and 6-8. To monitor the Grants, transfer of funds and grains from Govt. of India, Distribution of funds and grains to the Districts, blocks and schools, progress and utilization, a web based application was developed and deployed to get the online status of the monthly progress of the program. Application includes various modules for State, District and Block Level. School wise entry of the monthly progress is done at the block level as a base unit. Entries related to the opening balances, Meetings and inspection reports, NGO's associated with the preparation of the meals is also done at the block level. At district level entries related to the receipt and transfer of funds, meetings, inspection by district level officers and details related to the transporters involved in the lifting and distribution of grains is done. All the required reports are generated at different levels based on these entries.More than 270 active users. At present Master data of more than 82000 Schools is available online. Monthly reporting is from all the Blocks and data entry percent from schools is more than 90% . Monthly entry of records from each school is done at the block level.

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