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School Education sector is the largest sector in terms of beneficiaries, geographical reach, engagement of human resources and establishments in Madhya Pradesh. The portal and its applications influences more than 80% of the families and population of the State whose children are undergoing education in State and covers every Village/habitat located in the remotest corner. Processes/Services that have been streamlined and automated using online applications include the following: - HR Management System for 3.25 lac employees - Online Payroll System, Service book, Employee Grievances, Transfers, Guest faculty management & deployment in understaffed schools , Ensuring availability of optimal number of teachers in each and every school as per the prescribed Pupil-Teacher Ratio. - RTE Act 2009 implementation by State Government - Enrollment & retention System –Facilitate achieving the target of 100% enrollment of all children of age 5-14 years. Class-wise, Gender-wise Enrollment is now available online for planning teachers, class rooms, facilities and other required infrastructure. - Schools Management System- Helps the Government in ensuring the timely availability of all the vital resources like teachers, classrooms, schools buildings, facilities, teaching learning material, assistance like textbooks, scholarships, uniform, cycle to achieve the objective of universalization of Education. - Student Facilitation System – This system helps the government in Retention of children, bridging the Gender and Social category gaps. It facilities online collection of demand of assistance like Uniforms, Cycles, Textbooks, Scholarships and timely distribution to eligible students. - Out of School Children – Registration and personalised follow-up for Mainstreaming for Enrollment in schools for formal education. - Children with Special Needs - Registration and follow-up for medical examination, assistance for mainstreaming. - School Inspections Management System – facilitate in ensuring serious & regular inspections of 1.10 lac schools and Follow-up of shortcomings reported during Inspections. - Civil Works Management System - registration and monitoring of more than 1 lac civil works that are being undertaken at the cost of Rs. 800 crores in the schools of State. - Village Education Register (VER)- Online Village Education Register Application of Portal has been designed and developed to facilitate Automation of the collection and analysis of data of habitat-wise survey done for identifying the target children for enrollment, Enrolled children, Out of School Children (OOSC), Children With Special Needs (CWSN) and class-wise enrollment. The survey includes all children of State from age group 5 to 14 years. - Operation Quality education - Student Learning Enhancement Program (दक्षता संवर्धन कार्यक्रम) - System for the Evaluation and Monitoring of Academic Achievement levels of students levels to ensure the objective of quality education - System for Transparent Evaluation & Grading of the Teachers and Schools to ensure the objective of quality education

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