National Land Record Modernization Program in the State of Sikkim


National Land Record Modernization Program in the State of Sikkim

OBJECTIVE: To Completely digitize land records including cadastral maps and modernize the processes through which Land Records are archived and services rendered to the land owners.

DESCRIPTION: Land is said to be the source of basic human development. Efficient land resource planning and utilization may pave way for higher productivity and better economy. Under the DI program the state of Sikkkim has taken land records on priority with the implementation of following components of Land Record Modernization:
1.Integration of Land Record Computerization, Mutation & Registration:Land Records of the entire state is captured in the databases and all registration and mutational transactions are done through software that ensure automatic updation of land records and generation of computerized Records Of Rights (parcha) and sell deeds. A new software that takes care of registration and mutation together in integrated process was tested and implemented in two new subdivisions. Feed backs and bugs received during testing and pilot implementation were documented for further discussion and action. The new software will ensure automatic mutation of land along with registration, acquisition, inheritance etc there by maintaining correct land statistics all the time.
2.Data Centres/Computer centres in Districts and Sub-divisions:All districts and sub-divisions are equipped with computer facilities like servers, client systems, uninterrupted power supplies with back up for 2-3 hours are installed and networked systematically for housing the land record data and providing services. The second part of this project was implemented in 2015.
3.Digitization of cadastral maps and Integration with Bhunaksha:The cadastral maps of all the four districts prepared manually after the completion of 1978 -1984 survey were digitized in 2002. During 2015 the GIS shape file maps were also imported in Bhunaksha Software. Bhunaksha software is customized for printing cadastral plot maps as per the prevailing format. Training is imparted to revenue surveyors from each sub-divisions to operate the Bhunaksha software.
4.Scanning and archiving of legacy records and documents:On setting up of the NLRMP cell, scanning of all the 1952 Khatiyans were initiated and has been completed for all the four districts. During 2015 they were arranged as per the new administrative sub-divisional boundaries and were archived in CD ROMS and distributed to all the functionaries. These legacy data are used by the field functionaries for reference and cross.
5.Work under Progress in 2016:Inclusion of Digital Signature in ROR, Web enabling of ROR data, Aadhar Enabling and E-KYC, SMS Enabling, Inclusion of Bar Code in ROR.

IMPACT/OUTCOME: Land owners are happy to get the computerized ROR. Users find it easy to management land records now.

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