Network & Data Centre Monitoring System


The NDC Monitoring System is developed to manage the datacenter activities which are performed day by day. This is the system to manage Links and IP Address allocated in different projects (NICNET, SWAN, NKN etc) in Chandigarh Administration. In this system details of SERVERS, SWITHCES, LINKS, IPADDRESS, VENDERS and complaint registered against downed Link is keep for the purpose of report generation. The modules in this system are developed as, • IP Related • Server Related • Switches Related • Link Related • Data Center Related In addition to these modules some more automatic SMS/EMAIL send facility is given in the system. • At the time of Temperature entry, if the NDC temperature is more than 28C, an automatic SMS will release from the system to the NDC administrators. • When a link is down and at the time of complaint registration, email will send to NDC administrators.

Contact Details

Vijay B Gupt
NIC Chandigarh UT 222, UT Secretariat, Sector 9, Chandigarh 160017 +172 2740705, 2740706 vijayb[dot]gupt[at]nic[dot]in