Odisha State Seed Organic Product Certification Agency


Odisha State Seed Organic Product Certification Agency

Objective: The process involves Online submission of application to register the area and the crop, by different parties : seed grower, Private seed production Agency, Govt. Of Odisha Corporations (OSSC and OAIC), State Agricultural University and other schemes of Govt. Of Odisha. The Verification and Inspection then, are being carried out by the concerned authorities. This facilitates the Issuance of (TC) Threshing Certificate, Sample collection for seed quality, testing report submission by seed testing laboratories which eventually culminates with a Tag no , pivotal for seed packaging. The complete automation, from the initiation of applications till the issuance of TAG certificate has been incorporated in the system. To reduce hurdles in financial management, the system has been integrated with the Bank .

Implementation Status: The entire state has been brought under its umbrella and the project is running successfully since 2 years and counting.

Outcome/Impact: The seed production of Odisha has recorded improvement continuously for 2 years and counting in comparison to the previously practised manual system even if the overall agricultural land has been decreased. Graphs represents Rabi & Kharif of Year: 2013-14 (Manual System),2014-15(Automation System)

Impact: All Thirty districts have been covered . Seed grower participation is encouraging.Almost 26,457 growers have been registered with this system 117190.54 hectare area have been registered for growing the foundation/certified seed. Since the entire process is monitored and all the loop holes have been plugged by this workflow, this has translated to better quality seeds for the farmer. The entire process has been streamlined which has ensured a cleaner and more transparent system.

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Ministry of Administrative reforms & Public Grievance. Govt. Of India.
Department of Agriculture and Farmers Empowerment Govt. Of Odisha