Pariksha PAperless Recruitment for Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Skilled and High Ability candidates Uttar Pradesh


Pariksha PAperless Recruitment for Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Skilled and High Ability candidatesObjective/Description

PARIKSHA is a web solution that enables the candidates to apply online for various vacancies in the state government.The completely automated process also allows the recruitment agencies viz UP Public Service Commission (UPPSC),UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Board (UPPRPB), UP Subordinate Services Selection Commission (UPSSSC) etc. to conduct and complete the recruitment process as laid down by state government to fill the vacant posts lying in the government departments through the Examination/Direct Mode.
It enables candidates for filling application forms provides complete technical solution to carry out the commission’s internal processes viz. publishing of advertisements, sorting and scrutinizing the submitted application forms,scheduling of interviews based on verification of uploaded claim documents and their academic and professional merit conducting prelim & main examinations for giving the final recommendation to Government.
The important features of the system include e-Form,e-Payment,e-Admin,e-Allotment,Admit Card,e-Interview,e-Result,e-Recommendation and e-Communication. Pariksha always communicates with the applicants at various stages through e-Communication only (i.e strictly through SMS and email) and no paper communication is allowed in the commission. SMS and Email alerts are sent at various stages of the recruitment to keep the applicants informed.

Implementation Status

Pariksha was implemented in UP PSC in 2010 and thereafter it was adopted by UPPRPB in 2013 and UPSSSC in 2015.
More than 69lakh online applications under various advertisements have been processed by the UP PSC which includes major examinations for PCS,PCS(J),RO/ARO,Assistant Prosecuting Officers and direct recruitments

Nearly 78lakh online applications under various advertisements processed for UP SSSC and more than 45 lakh applications processed for UPPRPB.

→ Pariksha has reduced the time of selection process from 200 to 45 days
→ Increased number of outstation applications with the online system.
→ Pariksha can be used by any other Public Service Commission with minimal customization
→ It ensures completely automated and paperless process with online application form submission by the candidates to the final recommendation of the selected by the commission to Government
→ Pariksha Mobile version allows candidates view live advertisements,latest news and alerts,get current status of application etc.
→ SKOCH Smart Technology Award 2015.

Contact Details

NIC Uttar Pradesh State Centre
6th Floor, Yojana Bhawan, 9 Sarojni Naidu Marg, Lucknow